What kind of difference can one percent make?

New Year, new resolutions. It’s time to set practical goals for ourselves, like living a healthier lifestyle, flipping bad habits around or finally learning how to properly manage our finances.

When contemplating your resolutions, do you also plan out your charitable giving for the year? Many of us have relationships we’ve built with non-profit organizations in the past, but there are some of us who aspire to do good but simply can’t find the time to balance our books.

That’s where your one percent comes in. The One Year One Percent campaign is a new movement founded by a small team of do-gooders in Vancouver. Sarah Shandi is leading this campaign in full force, and their entire team is putting together an amazing effort at not only getting their city, but the entire country on board.

What is the One Year One Percent campaign about? Simple. They are encouraging Canadians to give 1% of their income to charity. A small difference out of our pockets will make a big difference to helping those in need. The great part about this program is the 1% is automatically withdrawn from your income into your personal ‘savings account’.

The Charitable Impact Foundation (Chimp) acts as a charitable bank, allowing donors to open up an account for their donation dollars. That way, even if saving isn’t at the top of your mind, you’ll always have your 1% stashed away to use when you finally choose a meaningful cause. One Year One Percent also has a great calculator on their homepage offering an estimate on how much 1% of your income is, and what your daily contribution will look like.

This brand new campaign just launched and is definitely a cause I’m excited to be a part of. For more information on One Year One Percent, check them out on Twitter, Facebook or on their website.

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