Strawberry Lemonade


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The snow’s melting. The birds are chirping. The slush will soon melt away and summer time will (hopefully) be here to stay.

In celebration of today’s gorgeous weather, I wanted to share a summery sweet drink recipe!

Strawberry Lemonade
Serving size: 1.5L

6 ripe lemons
6-8 medium strawberries
1-2 cups of Sprite or 7UP
Ice cubes
Cold water

Slice lemons in half. Squeeze juice into pitcher, with your hands or one of these. (I prefer the hand method, only because they end up smelling lemon-y clean.) You can use a strainer to eliminate the pulp and seeds, but really – I’m not that picky.

Cut off the tops of your strawberries and slice them up, to whatever size looks pretty (for presentation’s sake). Alternatively, you can puree the strawberries and mix them in with your lemon juice.

Toss your one or two cups of Sprite/7UP into the mix, add the ice cubes, and fill the pitcher with cold water. Stir.

Add sugar to taste. I learned not to use honey (the hard way – it solidified and sank to the bottom of the pitcher).

And voila! There you have it, a refreshing batch of ice cold strawberry lemonade. Enjoy! *clink*


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